Conference 2013

A huge thanks to all who attended the conference.  It was fabulous to have you in Western Australia for the first time.

As this conference had a focus of bringing together community and academia, we would particularly like to thank the community organisations and individuals who were involved, especially the Conference Partner, Peel Community Legal Services. 

The ACRAWSA AGM was also held at the conference.  The Executive for 2014 is:
Aileen Moreton-Robinson    President
Mary-Rose Casey               Vice-President
Sharlene Leroy-Dyer          Treasurer
Dona Cayteana                  Post graduate representative (continuing position)
David Singh                       Publicity Officer
Rose Canres                       Secretary (1 year)
Next year the conference will be in Melbourne.  Look out for information in the New Year! 


We have been approached to publish a book of proceedings from the Mapping Your Law/Lore conference. Presenters and keynotes will be able to develop presentations into chapters for the proposed book.  

Therefore, be aware that this will be the publication opportunity arising from this years conference rather than a special edition of Critical Race and Whiteness Studies as originally planned.

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Updated: 10th December 2013