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2015 ACRAWSA Conference

2015 Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association
Sydney, 23-24 November
Call for Abstracts
ACRAWSA is calling for scholars working on any aspect of critical race or whiteness studies to submit papers for our annual conference. The conference has an open theme, and we encourage scholars working in elevant areas to attend and reflect upon the field.
Abstracts of no more than 200 words are sought, accompanied by a 50 word biographical note
about the author(s).  Individual papers will follow the standard format of a maximum twenty minute presentation and 10 minutes for questions. Sessions will be 1.5 hours long. Those interested in
facilitating a panel should submit abstracts for all three papers to be included in the session along with biographical details of each author. It is expected that submitted panels will have a theme that links the three papers.
Indicative topics might include:

  • Critical Race and Whiteness Studies in the Humanities, Social
    Sciences, Natural Sciences and the Professions

  • Whiteness Studies and the ‘New Abolition’ project

  • Race and Indigeneity

  • Race and Multiculturalism

  • Australian Islamophobia

  • Race as religion           

  • Racialization

  • Violent Racism

  • Race, Whiteness and the Australian Imaginary

  • Indigenous Sovereignty

  • Spatial Racisms 

  • The performativity of race

  • Race and Modernity

ACRAWSA is committed to supporting Indigenous scholars as well as postgraduate scholars,
both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. Scholarships for postgraduate and/or Indigenous scholars to attend the conference will be advertised over the coming months.
Presenters should note ACRAWSA’s commitment to the recognition of Indigenous sovereignties and hallenging white race privilege. Non-Indigenous presenters in particular are encouraged to give due consideration to the implications of their presentation in terms of privilege and the sovereignty of the First Nations people upon whose land non-Indigenous people work and live.

Abstracts should be submitted to acrawsa.conference2015@qut.edu.au by Friday October 16th 2015.

Keynote Speakers to be advised.

Critical Race and Whiteness Studies e-journal

 Call for Reviewers

Call for Book Reviewers:
The Critical Race and Whiteness Studies eJournal frequently receives books for review. Interested reviewers should contact the CRAWS reviews editor by email (Samantha.schulz@flinders.edu.au) indicating their book of interest, postal details, and a brief bio outlining their current position and field of research. The journal publishes two issues per year. Book reviews are typically 1,000 words in length. Books currently available for review:

Kantola, J. (2010). Gender and the European Union. London: Palgrave Macmillan.
Magnet, S. A. (2011). When biometrics fail: Gender, race, and the technology of
Durham and London: Duke University Press.
Kundnani, A. (2014). The Muslims are coming: Islamophobia, extremism, and the domestic
war on terror.
London: Verso.
White, M. (2015). Producing women: The internet, traditional femininity, queerness, and creativity. New York: Routledge.
Den Ouden, A. E. & O’Brien, J. M. (Eds)(2013). Recognition, sovereignty, struggles and Indigenous rights in the United States: A sourcebook. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press.
Third, A. (2014). Gender and the political: Deconstructing the female terrorist. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Upcoming Events

Dismantling The Master's House - UCL

“Dismantling The Master’s House is a community of academics, administrative staff and students at UCL, committed to righting racialised wrongs in our workplace and in the wider world. We owe the phrase ‘The Master’s House’ to Audre Lorde and we understand The Master’s House to consist in an intersection of power
structures, in, as bell hooks puts it, Imperialist White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy. Central to this analysis is how these different manifestations of domination are accumulated to construct Whiteness – which has been and continues to be the primary vehicle of domination for the British Empire, and its legacies. Through scholarly comment, public events, and social media, #DTMH interrogates both Whiteness and Anglocentrism in the academy, while presenting alternatives from among the diversity of voices which make up UCL, London, and
the globe”. For more details visit: http://www.dtmh.ucl.ac.uk/ 

 Black Studies

Blackness in Britain 2015
'The Black Special Relationship'
African American scholarship and its impact on Black intellectual life in Britain.
30 -31 October 2015
Birmingham City University
Confirmed Keynotes:
Professor Patricia Hill Collins
Dr Barnor Hesse
Professor Gus John
Professor Denise Ferreira De Silva

For details of the CFP visit: http://www.blackstudies.org.uk/conference-and-events/blackness-in-britain-2015/

Updated: 12th June 2015